Fortune vs. Treasured Spelling

On a summer’s day at Coney Island I came across the 1950s style, robot-like woman with the trance-like gaze giving out fortune teller cards. Reading through the fortune, I saw that it was not typo free and this got me to thinking. Who originally wrote these and why were they not proofread?

The writing had that crass “get me down on paper no matter what!” air about it. Function versus design. Words dangling without perfect spellings and certainly not strung together with perfect grammar.

But the typo geek in me with the eagle eye for errors took a step back and thought about how many kids and adults have enjoyed the fortune teller’s cards. Their prophetic purpose has been around for more years than me. Not to say that I don’t want writing to be more refined, but for a moment I got lost in the nostalgia. After all, this was Coney Island and the fortune teller had a message worth reading.

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